The Restoration Process

All lamps are completely disassembled and the old plate/paint is stripped chemically from the bodies and rims. The rims and bodies are repaired and where necessary built up to strengthen weak patches or holes. If necessary new bodies, rims and relectors can be reproduced as well as badges and other intricate pieces. All work is performed using silversmithing techniques to ensure that the build quality and final product is of concours standard. The lamp pieces are then buffed and polished to ensure that the surface of the lamps is free of dents and ripples to ensure successful electroplating. The lamp parts are then painted or plated, firstly with copper, then with nickel and finally with chromium (more details click here). Once plated, the lamp is assembled and tested.


Here, a lamp is repaired and dents are removed carefully with laborious attention to detail


A lamp body is Buffed. A large buffing wheel is used and a mixture of ground pumice in a light oil is used to generate a perfectly smooth finish


A lamp body is polished using a spindle with soft brushes and a rouge polish


The lamp body, rims etc are plated


Finally the lamp is assembled carefully and the lenses and electrical components are refitted